Just a little about me and how I got started as a photographer 22 years ago…

I have four wonderful children who have been the center of my world for the last 24 years.  They were my inspiration to become a photographer and they are the reason that I am re-focusing my efforts on my photography business again now.

While capturing the amazing moments of their early years, I discovered that not only did I enjoy capturing the special moments, I found that I LOVE to capture the special moments.  Since my children are very competitive athletes, I was able to to photograph many different sports and felt drawn to sports photography (it didn’t hurt that I have also been a competitive athlete all of my life!).

I have had the privilege of photographing: soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, ballet, baseball, football, tennis, golf, horses (team roping, jumping, dressage, polo, eventing, reining) and even the junior olympics.

My favorite part of photographing sports is developing an understanding of what YOU find fascinating about your sport.  I enjoy the time it takes to watch enough games/events and talk to enough athletes to be able to capture the moment that you feel is worth bragging about.

Please make sure to stop and introduce yourself when I am photographing an event in which you are participating and don’t hesitate to ask me to capture your moment, the moment you wish to brag about.

I look forward to working with you!